Core Flooring – Our Story

CORE Flooring Accessories™ is your typical Canadian, family-owned, small business, built through hard work and determination, guided by local entrepreneurs, and determined to deliver excellent value in products and services to Western Canada. Our mission is simple — manufacture and market quality vinyl floor accessories that are required for all types of flooring installations.

We make vinyl flooring accessories such as mouldings, trims, stair treads, nosings and more to meet the needs of Canadian architects, builders, and commercial tenants. We stick to making the most popular profiles and we execute them well. Very well. And should you need something different — well, we do that too — with custom colours and profiles.

Where we came from.

CORE Flooring Accessories™ started operations in 1972 under the name Grip-Rite Carpet Accessories. The business started with carpet gripper and then added on the production of extruded vinyl floor moulding products, which has now become the main activity of the business. In 2021, an original family owner sold the company to an employee, Glenn Visscher. Glenn bought the company along with his brother-in-law Max Van Laar. Glenn, his wife Greta, and their two daughters live in Edmonton, where Glenn is directly involved in the day-to-day production operations of the company. Max, his wife Cherish, and their three boys live in Yarrow BC, where Max assists with sales and customer support. We all work together to keep CORE™ producing great products for our customers.

Where we’re going.

When it comes down to it there’s a simple honesty to what we do. We produce a great product at a great price and with great service. It’s a philosophy we have stuck with since day one, back over 50 years now — and you could say that it’s at the “core” of everything we do.

All CORE™  vinyl products are manufactured at our Edmonton, Alberta production facility using tried and true production methods and thermoplastic vinyl blends chosen for their performance characteristics.

We understand flooring — and we understand the demands of the construction industry. Our commitment to staying current with advances in construction techniques and preferences in design allows us to create new profiles as new flooring products are introduced to the industry. CORE™ uses proven manufacturing techniques, hands-on management, and careful monitoring to ensure quality control, short lead times and timely delivery to our network of distributors.

Western Canada continues to be an economic growth leader and CORE™ is part of this strong performance. CORE™ continues this tradition of success by expanding its presence in the marketplace with new initiatives and a strong distribution network.

Browse Colours

At Core we offer a wide array of stock colour options, normally available on short notice through authorized CORE Distributors. 

Any custom colour can usually be produced in about 6 weeks – including colour matching, pigment testing, approval and production.

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